last minute christmas gift ideas

(that don’t require shipping)

We get it.  You’d rather spend your summer days outdoors and not shopping for Christmas gifts and you’ve only just realised you’ve missed the online shipping deadline. Eeek!! Don’t fret, we’ve got you covered!!!

We’ve put together a list of gifts you can buy right here, right now and deliver in an instant, pretty much anywhere in the world.

Best of all, they aren’t lame! Personalise these gifts to your chosen adventure lover’s specific tastes and hey presto, you’ve got a winning gift! It also means you’re free to spend your last weekend before Christmas however you like.  Enjoy the trail, rock or beach while everyone else is sweating it out at the shops:


Do you know someone with a keen interest in boating but who has no clue where to start?  Or perhaps someone who would like to sharpen their photography skills? There are a bunch of awesome courses you can book your adventure buddy (and yourself) into. There are so many online, that can be done anywhere in the world. Our ideas include:

2. BIG SCREEN ADVENTURE INSPO (with a side serve of quality time together)

Lock in a fun night out with a double pass to the Ocean Film Festival World Tour in 2020.  A double win, your adventure buddy gets a great night out AND you guys get some quality time together that is sure to inspire your next adventure.

Forgot someone’s gift who’s overseas?  The Australian tour of the 2020 Ocean Film Festival is also on sale, and so are the UK and Ireland , Italy and France 2020 Banff Mountain Film Festival tours!

3. EXPERIENCES & MEMORIES (vs more stuff)

Lucky for us there are an array of local, female-based adventure businesses popping up all over the country that offer fun, welcoming day experiences. From beginner to more advanced they’ve got your specific needs covered.

Check out, Adventure Girls, who are are Women’s Only New Zealand-based Adventure Group! They host adventures, events and trainings all over the country and have a wide variety of activities for you to get involved in!

In Auckland, join the wonderful ladies of the Auckland Women’s Tramping Group and explore the beautiful outdoors.

In Christchurch, try the Christchurch Womens Walking Meet-Up for a beautiful walk with some new friends.

Day adventure options are plentiful in almost every single city, and yours is just a google search away!


Audio books are the perfect way to fill those long drives to your adventure destination with inspiration. Online service Audible offers 1, 3, 6 and 12 month credit that you can buy online, print out and pop in a card with your recommended listening list. Audible offers a wide range of audio books often narrated by the author themselves. They also have new book selection including the likes of How The Wild Effect Turned Me Into a Hiker by Jane Congdon,  Rescue Stories of Survival from Land and Sea by Dorcas Miller and timeless classic like Tracks by Robyn Davidson.  You might also like to check our list of MUST READS written by female adventurers here..


If you’ve been thinking that maybe your friend just needs a little PUSH to get out of her comfort zone, then maybe you could buy her entry to an adventure race! Designed to test the physical limits of what’s possible, adventure races are an awesome way to meet new people, learn and hone new skills, and accomplish something BIG in 2020! Spirited Women is an All-Female Adventure Race held on both the North and South Island during March and February (respectively). Side by side you’ll navigate the race in teams of 4 women and possibly gain a new addiction!


For those of us who love to give and to keep on giving, this gift is perfect! You can organise to have a personalised gift box sent to your friend or family member each month! You can purchase one-off boxes, monthly, quarterly or yearly subscriptions which are sure to absolutely delight both the giver and the recipient! One of our favourite NZ-owned boxes is I AM Co, who are seeking to empower women through nutrient dense and body nourishing products that you can get delivered to you each month! Another box we love is My Treat.Co.Nz, which caters to women who can’t decide what they want but know they want to be treated! They have different ways you can customise the box so that it’s meaningful to the recipient (even if that recipient is you!) Have a quick google and see what you can find, there are SO many out there just waiting for your last minute present hustle!

Use any one of these ideas to inspire and delight your loved ones and enjoy the true spirit of Christmas – spending quality time together. They won’t even know how last-minute it was!

Merry Christmas from the team at Adventure Reels!