Run India

Australia: 43 mins
A film by: Steve Young

An insight into the emotional journey for Samantha Gash as she continues her gruelling 77 day run across India. From the tears to the triumphs, she holds nothing back as she shares the stories of the inspirational people she’s met along the way who remind her of the purpose and power of this inspirational project.


Australia: 3 mins
A film by: Jason Macqueen

35-year old Mel Stamell has pretty much tried it all: kayaking, climbing, caving, mountain biking, and skiing.
But the Canberra local has had to overcome some pretty unique obstacles and is passionate about pushing boundaries. With a Masters degree in Mechanical Engineering and the support of her local adventure community she’s taken on the challenge of building a lot of her own sporting equipment. This is her story.

Where the Wild Things Keep Playing

Australia: 4 mins
A film by the legend: Krystle Wright

From dirt to waves to ice, this is our unapologetic celebration of getting rowdy outside – without changing a thing. Director Krystle Wright brings the next instalment since the wild things never stopped playing.

The Paige Alms Story

USA: 26 mins

Paige Alms is one of a handful of female big wave surfers in the world, but her board isn’t covered in brand names and she isn’t flush in sponsor dollars. It is only in the last 12 months that women have achieved pay parity in the prize money in surfing which is why Paige has worked jobs like construction, floor sanding and hospitality to fund her passion for riding the most ferocious waves on the planet for the past 10 years. Paige’s addiction to riding monstrous waves and her sisterhood of female surfers talks straight from the heart.

Free Flow

UK: 3 mins
A film by: Paul Diffley

Hazel Findlay has been climbing for 20 of her 26 years, and started out trad climbing on limestone sea cliffs in the UK. Today she is one of the world’s leading climbers. Come and see Hazel on the big screen at the Gutsy Girls Adventure Film Tour as she enjoys a day of solo climbing and trail running in the Welsh mountains of Snowdonia.

When I look Back

USA: 3 mins
A film by: Christopher Bramley

Follow four women mountain bikers ripping around Moab, Utah. But this is not your typical adrenaline-fueled adventure film. Both lighthearted and contemplative, it’s a glimpse into a tight-knit group of friends doing what they love and picking each other up when they fall down. Looking back on their lives, this is what they will remember.

Circle of the Sun

Germany: 5 mins
A film by: Lena Stoffel

Starting the day with a perfect surf in the cold arctic sea and ending it at last lights on top of a mountain. Dreaming with northern lights above their van and doing the reverse the next day. Skiing in the morning and ending the day with an endless sunset into the ocean. This is the circle of the sun and the circle of adventure.

Just Anna

UK: 13 mins
A film by: Alastair Lee

In an era where searching out and developing new routes seems out of vogue: all is not lost as we meet Anna Taylor. This remarkable UK-based 20 year old is bucking all the tends with stunning new sport routes and bold traditional lines. Anna unearths a stunning unclimbed line which proves to be a personal step up in terms of difficulty and boldness.


As per direction from the Australian Government Classification Board the Gutsy Girls Adventure Film Tour is Exempt from Classification. All of the films in the 2018 tour are nudity, coarse language, sexual reference and drug reference FREE. Suitable for all ages.