Ice Maiden (tour edit)

AUSTRALIA, 62 mins

Filmmaker: Jackson Speed, Nathaniel C. T. Jackson
Focus: Sailing & adventure

Strap yourself in for a rollicking sea adventure. “Ice Maiden” shares the awe-inspiring quest of Australian solo-sailor Lisa Blair, who is determined to rewrite history by becoming the first woman to circumnavigate Antarctica solo, non-stop, and unassisted.

Two Kinds Of Water

UK, 22 mins

Film makers: Dan McDougall
Focus: Ocean culture

Immerse yourself in the lives of a family living in the Guet Ndar fishing community on Senegal’s north coast.

“Two Kinds of Water” charts the unbreakable bond between a fisherman and his wife as they face unbearable challenges, fighting to keep their young family afloat in one of Africa’s most vulnerable fishing communities.

The Whale Song

Italy, 25 minutes

Netherlands, 25 mins
Filmmakers: Marco Verhagen
Focus: Marine life

Discover the vocal and empathatic power of Humpback Whales in this deeply moving story. “The Whale Song,” unlocks the enigmatic communication skills of humpback whales.

The Sanctuary


Film maker: Grassland Films, Tim Brown & Michael Portway
Focus: Ocean Environment/Marine Life

Take a tour of the crystal-clear waters of Rickett’s Point Marine Sanctuary in Victoria’s Port Phillip Bay, with Ray Lewis OAM.  With every snorkel, Ray unveils the extraordinary world he has dedicated his efforts to preserve. 



France 4 mins

Filmmaker: Tim McKenna for Oxbow, surfers Gilbert Teave and Tahurai Henry
Focus: Surfing

Gain a first-person perspective of the exhilaration of riding the giant waves of Tahiti. This visual and auditory feast will transport you to the heart of the barrelling crystal clear waves of Teahupo’o.

Tess Felix: Portrait Of An Artist

USA, 8 mins

Filmmaker: Cynthia Abbott
Focus: Ocean conservation/art

Dive into the transformative world of Tess Felix, where plastic debris evolves into vibrant portraits that echo a narrative of oceans in crisis. In her artistic series, ‘Ocean Eco Heroes,’ Felix immortalises activists dedicated to curbing the relentless surge of plastic waste.

Spike The Surfing Dog

Australia, 8 mins

Filmmaker: Top Dog Film Festival
Focus: Ocean sport

Brace yourself for a tidal wave of cuteness with ‘Spike Surfs’! Spike is the Melbourne marvel, who transformed from a land-loving pup to a bona fide surfing sensation.


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