Hiking is an incredible way to experience a new country. It offers you a chance to explore the landscape in a way that is only accessible to a few adventurous folk… by foot!

We’ve put together a list of some hikes that you may want to consider next time you find yourself planning a trip to Europe!

La Vie Francigena Pilgrimage Route in Italy

Whilst this route is one of Europe’s least known routes of pilgrimage, it’s widely believed, by those in the know, to be one of the best. Rising to great use in the Middle Ages, this medieval route is incredibly long! It passes through England, France, Switzerland and Italy. The Italy portion of the route alone, is around 945km in length and would take over 90 days to complete… so for the sake of time, we recommend looking at the route and finding a smaller section to tackle! The scenery you walk through is nothing short of iconic, which is fitting, for such an old historic trail.

Camino dos Faros Coastal Trail in Spain

The hiking trails in Spain seem to get dominated by the famous pilgrimage across the Camino de Santiago, however this under the radar gem, is just as compelling in its wild  terrain and accomplishment. The track, which is also known as the ‘Lighthouse Way’ was built mainly by volunteers and is full of archaeological history. The path weaves through the rugged coastal terrain, Spain is famous for, and continues onward for another two weeks worth of trekking. Grab a map, find a smaller section and add an adventurous streak to your travel itinerary!

Alpe Adria Trail in Austria, Slovenia and Italy

750km later and you’ll have walked this incredible trail. For those of you who don’t have the month to spare (!!) there are plenty more ‘bite-sized’ trips that can be done! If you’ve ever wondered what the Garden of Eden might look like, those who have walked it consider the trail that runs through the most southern part of Austria, Carinthia’s mountain lakes, all the way through to the Friuli-Venezia Guilia are in Northern Italy, to be of most likeness and absolutely breathtaking (both in view and in difficulty).

The Peaks of the Balklands Trail in Albania, Montenegro and Kosovo
This new trail is perfect for those who are really wanting to hit the unbeaten path. Once upon a time this trail was only used by soldiers, rebels, shepherds and traders, the lush valleys, flower-laden meadows and scenic vistas are now accessible to anyone! Even though the total length is only 192km, you’ll need to allow a few extra days to ensure your safe passage through some of the more remote sections of the trail.

Slovenian Mountain Trail in Slovenia

A second entry on this list for Slovenia! Whilst it can often be overlooked for more conventional tourist-y travel, Slovenia is not one to miss if you’re after dramatic mountain terrain, huge mountains, rugged paths and incredible scenery. This particular trail is around 600km, however there are plenty of places along the trail to enter and exit, so as to keep it within a reasonable holiday period. This particular trail only came to be in 1991 and became Europe’s first transversal trail.

Share this list with anyone you know who’s heading to Europe and wants to have a more adventurous experience…
Let us know in the comments if you’ve ever done any of these hikes or if there are others off the beaten path you’d recommend!

Happy hiking!

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