Adventure Mums: Celebrating Mothers Who Live Life to the Fullest

Elke surfing shot by Brook Ekers

Motherhood is a never-ending adventure, full of challenges, joy, and surprises. Every day is an opportunity to learn and grow, and for some mothers, it’s also a chance to embrace adventure, health, and fitness

These are the mothers who prioritize their passions, their physical and mental wellbeing, and the happiness of their families. These are the Gutsy Girl Adventure Mums.

Anna duck diving by Kim Feast
Elke and her kids by Janine Sheen

A little background

In this blog post, we are celebrating Adventure Mums and their commitment to living life to the fullest. We had the pleasure of interviewing Elke Seppanen and Anna Le Souef from the Surfing Mums surf club, a community of mothers (and fathers) who swap childminding for surfing, facilitating mums to get back in the water when they have small kids at home.

The Perth group, which Elke and Anna coordinate, is the largest in Australia with over 100 members, and they have about 30 regulars who tag once or twice per week.

Image: Surfing mums WA drone shot by Russel Ord

When we asked Elke and Anna to tell us about the Surfing Mum community in Perth, they explained that it’s more than just a group of surfers who happen to be mothers. “It’s a community of like-minded people who share a love for the ocean/outdoors and want to bring their kids along for the ride,” Elke says. “All the mums that have been before us and don’t need to tag still come down to surf, socialize, and cuddle a baby.”

A family snap of Anna, her husband and their two children

Anna and Elke emphasized the empowering nature of the Surfing Mum community. “There’s power in leading by example,” Anna says. “Women feel empowered when they’re enabled, and Surfing Mums provides that opportunity. It also provides a lot of inspirational women to do it with.” Elke added, “I think the highlight is actually the community. It’s beyond the waves but the siiiic pits definitely help!”

Anna on the waves by Kim Feast

For many Adventure Mums, juggling motherhood, careers, marriages, and life, in general, is a constant challenge. However, as Elke and Anna pointed out, finding time for the things that make you happy, like surfing, is essential for one’s mental and physical wellbeing. “If I don’t get my gills wet, I get grumpy, so I prioritize it,” Elke says. “It’s also great for the kids to see that too so they realize it’s not always about them!”

Family snap of Elke, her husband and their three children

Anna added, “From the little things (like Elke’s tip to put your kids in their car seats then apply their sunscreen while they are strapped in!) to the big ones, like making it a priority that we are getting our time in the ocean, because that’s what settles all of our souls and makes us more calm and balanced. Many surfing mums arrange their workdays around Surfing Mums meets – which I think is a totally valid thing to do!”

When asked about their inspirations and role models, Elke and Anna mentioned their love for adventure and the outdoors. “Adventures!! I love going camping with my family and exploring the West Coast of Oz!” Elke says. Anna adds, “Honestly, the other mums are a constant source of inspiration for me! I also love watching surfers who make riding waves look easy and graceful, like Steph Gilmore.”

Family snap of Elke’s family enjoying a beach sunset

Finally, Elke and Anna shared some advice for all the Adventure Mums out there: “Find your village, and embrace the opportunity to do something for you. Your family will thank you for it,” Elke says. Anna adds, “Our partners (and most of our kids once they’re old enough!) know that a Surfing Mum is a happy mum. I think it’s incredibly healthy for the kids to see mums getting out there charging in the surf, being physically strong and being playful for their own enjoyment. In turn, the kids learn confidence around a group of mixed-age kids, and grow very comfortable with the ocean environment.

Anna running the Margaret River Ultra Marathon, another passion of hers

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