Angie: The Young Climbing Superstar Taking the World by Storm

Angie Scarth-Johnson has got to be one of the most impressive rock climbing prodigies out there. Not only has she been shattering records since the mere age of nine years old but she’s a homegrown Aussie gal and we had the privilege of sitting down to get to know the sides of Angie you didn’t know.

A Born Climber

Angie, also known as Angelina ‘Angie’ Margarita Scarth-Johnson, was born in Canberra in 2004. Her climbing journey began at the age of 7 when her penchant for climbing anything she could find around the house resulted in some minor injuries. Recognizing her natural talent, Angie’s family relocated to the Blue Mountains near Sydney, where she could train on the cliffs of Blackheath and Mount Victoria…. You probably already knew this..

But did you know that Angie is the ultimate dog enthusiast with an insatiable curiosity for the world? She loves meeting new people and is genuinely interested in learning about different cultures and religions. As an extrovert, Angie lives life to the fullest, always up for a dare and ready to embrace new challenges. Oh, and don’t forget to ask her about her latest obsession: matcha Mochi, a delightful treat she recently discovered.

Pictures above of Angie showcasing her love for climbing from an early age. Around 2013 (Image credit- Angie Scarth- Johnson instagram)

Record-Breaking Success

Angie quickly gained attention for her exceptional skills. At just 9 years old, she conquered a grade 27 (considered expert level, 7B+ French system and a 6C/ E7 in the British system), and the following year, she broke a world record by summiting a grade 31 (considered elite level and about an 8B in the French system and an E9 in the British) in both the USA and Spain. By the age of 12, Angie became the second Australian female to climb a grade 34 (very elite, coming in at a 9B French and above an E11 British), accomplishing this feat multiple times. Her remarkable achievements at such a young age set her apart in the climbing world and have definitely classed her as a cut above the rest!

Conquering the World

Climbing has taken Angie on incredible adventures across the globe. She has established climbs in diverse destinations, including Tonga, where her father’s family resides. As the current number 1 ranked junior climber in the world, Angie continues to push her boundaries and inspire others with her phenomenal skills.
Having been in a couple of films before, Angie hopes to continue inspiring others through her stories of sheer grit and determination to send challenging climbs even if you fail in the attempt. However, she can’t contain her excitement for the upcoming film, Momentum, which promises to be a remarkable showcase of her achievements and really get the stoke going for women in adventure!

We are so stoked for Angie’s film to be shown as part of the lineup for the 2023 Gutsy Girls Adventure Film Tour starting this August!

Image above: Angie climbing Pornographie 9a (35): 2022 – age 18 – Ceuse, France, Image Credit: Adri Martinez, Liqen Studio & Kamil Sustiak

The epic film Momentum was born after Angie decided to attempt becoming the first Australian female to send a 9a graded route. Whether she sent it or not in the subsequent attempts, Angie knew that sharing the rollercoaster of emotions, her unstoppable passion, and relentless determination would ignite inspiration in others. (And we are SO glad she did because it truly is so inspiring! You’ll have to come watch at a screening near you to see what happens! (Tix Here)

Golden Nuggets

Angie’s favourite downtime activities: When Angie finally gets a break from her busy schedule, she loves exploring the city, indulging in a bit of shopping. But that’s not all—she’s also a fan of escape rooms, enjoying the thrill of puzzle-solving. And let’s not forget the joy of having lunch with a close friend, relishing those precious moments of connection.

Angie’s top climbing spots: Selecting only three top climbing spots is a tough call for Angie, considering each destination brings its own set of challenges and unique styles. However, at this moment, her favourites include Margalef in Spain, Ceuse in France, and Santalinya, also in Spain. But wait, there’s a bonus fourth spot: Nowra in Australia. It holds a special place in Angie’s heart as her original and unbeatable climbing spot.

A North Face Sponsored Angie, climbing Carlota 8c/+ (33/34 ) 5th go, Image credit: Claudia Lopez

Awards, Honours & Achievements

2013: World Record – Youngest person (age 9) to climb difficulty level 31
2017: Second Australian Women to climb difficulty level 34 (age 12) and only Australian women to do it multiple times
2018: Outdoor Climbing Development, Eua Tonga – age 14
2019: Youth World Championships, Arco Italy – Finalist (ranked 4th in Bouldering)
2020, December: Olympic Qualification – Ranked 2nd (Only one female spot available)
2021: Sport Australia Hall of Fame Scholarship Holder – Tier 2
2021: Víctimas del futur 9a (35) – age 17 – First Australian woman and one of very few people in Australia to have climbed this grade.
2022: Victimas perez 9a (35) – age 18 – Maragelf, Spain
2022: Pornographie 9a (35) – age 18 – Ceuse, France

Angie is so stoked to be part of this year’s Gutsy Girls Adventure Film Tour and will actually be attending the following screenings:

Wednesday 2 Aug – Melbourne
Thursday 3 Aug – Canberra
Saturday 5 Aug – Brisbane
Wednesday 9 Aug – Sydney
Thursday 10 Aug – Katoomba

She can’t wait to meet you all and be involved in the Gutsy Girls stoke.

Don’t miss the chance to watch her film, Momentum, and embark on an exhilarating adventure alongside Angie. Get ready to be captivated by her fearless spirit and unwavering passion for living life to the fullest! Tickets HERE

Above image: film ‘Momentum’, Photos by Adri Martinez, Liqen Studio & Kamil Sustiak

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